Sentinel Peak Award Haiku

Local Kook Award: Ralph Lorenz

Emergent patterns
I don't need no mechanism
Ralph's plants guide the sand

I Wanna Soak Up the Sun Award: Ingrid Daubar

Dunes or lava flow
ground truth shows that both are wrong
Ingrid stirs the pot

Trip Leader Heir Apparent Award: Zibi Turtle

Titan images
left behind for a weekend
Zibi comes on trip

MTV Music Award (unpresented): Jason Barnes

Giddy from poker
Weird Al incarnate regales
too bad he can't sing

Fearless Leader Award: H. Jay Melosh

Scouting on day one
not even any wrong turns
Jay has got this down

The Perfect Night Award: Joe Spitale

Burger suicide:
son of a bleeping bleep bleep.
That's half my dinner!

PR Award: Jason Barnes

Pattern in the rocks:
its not there 'til you believe.
Supernova *NOW*.

Harvard Scholar award: Jay Melosh

Petroglyph Chelop:
"I'm the world's foremost expert".
Jay finds a new friend.

Nancy Chabot Award: Mike Bland

Beer, Whiskey, SoCo.
Supposed to start with liquor!
Technicolor yawn.

Know When to Hold'em: David Choi

David wheels and deals,
studying up for Vegas.
Cry me a river.

Real Geologist Award: Geoff Collins

Watching in disgust
Geoff stays out of the flame wars.
These kids don't know rocks . . .