Day 3

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Terry and Jim Richardson listen to Windy Jaeger's talk on the Carrizozo lava flow.
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Rachel, (unidentified), Jonathan, Ross, and Andreas during the hike through the lava field.
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Ralph Lorenz rests during Jim Richardson's talk on laccoliths in White Oaks, NM.
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Gwen, Fred, and Dave in nearly abandoned White Oaks.
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Abby, Adina, Rachel, and Paul climb up to watch Joe's talk on the Socorro magma body.
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Jim and his official geology tutor, Jani Radebaugh.
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Next we stopped at the Very Large Array radio telescope near Socorro. This is Jay Melosh next to one of the dishes.
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Me next to one of the dishes!
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Here's the crew at the overlook of the Morenci copper mine, second-largest open-pit mine in the world.
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Paul, a rainbow, and Fred.