Day 2

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Looking at volcanic layering near the maar volcanic crater called Kilbourne Hole.
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Jani Radebaugh talks about Kilbourne Hole.
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Part of the crew with Kilbourne Hole in the background.
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Me in front of Kilbourne Hole, with my head covering the dry lakebed in the middle.
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Dave O'Brien, Jay Melosh, Terry Hurford, and Ross Beyer look at the complex interbedding of the volcanic deposits next to the crater.
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A nice bullet embedded in the volcanic deposits. It just goes to show that people suck.
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Nothing like seeing junked cars while studying geology. People suck.
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Rachel, Fred, and Dave looking for xenoliths near the edge of the crater.
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Joe Spitale and Windy Jaeger looking for xenoliths.
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We moved to Hunt's Hole, a similar maar crater to the south of Kilbourne Hole looking for Xenoliths -- parts of the mantle dredged up and deposited along with volcanism. We saw two rattlesnakes here, and Jonathan Fortney found an old snakeskin that he used to scare the crap out of Fred. He seems quite happy about it.
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Rachel's talk about xenoliths. Behind her is Mr. Sunshine.
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We moved on to White Sands National Monument, but I was playing on the dunes so I didn't take any pictures. That night we camped in the rain next to the Carrizozo lava flow. Dave O'Brien, Jonathan Fortney, me, Fred Ciesla, and Terry Hurford built this makeshift shelter for the stove so that the fire wasn't snuffed out and so that food wasn't soaked. The continuous watercooling prevented the plastic from melting.

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