Day 1

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The Alien van in the loading dock preparing to head out.
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Andreas talks about long-runout landslides next to train tracks.
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We put a penny on top of a nickel on the tracks. Too bad we won't be able to reap the benefits.
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However, we found a penny nearby that someone else had installed.
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Jay Melosh, Terry Hurford, and Jonathan Fortney watch Ross' talk on spheroidal weathering in Texas Canyon.
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Rachel Mastrapa, Ralph Lorenz, and Joe Spitale watch the talk from granite boulders.
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Fred catches Jason napping.
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There wasn't much to do out near Animas playa, but these cows managed to entertain themselves all right.
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On the road our back right tire Firestoned. Here Windy uses her muscles of magnitude to remove the old damaged tire.
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Fred exhibits the damage that the tire took. Its a good thing we stopped when we did.
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Tire changing efficiency at its finest
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After we got to our campsite that night near Kilbourne Hole, Fred, Dave, Terry and I shot of the potato cannons while surrounded by cool thunderstorms.

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